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Are The Puppy Pads You Are Using Toxic-Free? Ours Are!

When it comes to potty training your pups (whether they be just learning, or dealing with some incontinence issues), you want to provide the best products for your fur-babies to use. Which is why our products are made with paper pulp, and are non-toxic! Not only will training your puppy to become house-broken be easier with our super absorbent products, but you also have the piece of mind that in the event that they chew on them, they are made with non-toxic materials.

What is paper pulp you may ask? Good question! According to the American Forest & Paper Association, pulp refers to the main ingredient utilized in the paper-making process. There are a few categories that pulp can derive from. The most common is wood pulp, which is done by chemically or mechanically removing the fibrous materials from wood chips. Pulp that stems from either chemically or mechanically treated bales of recycled paper (such as office paper, old newspapers and magazines, and packaging materials), is the second most common category of pulp. Additionally, pulp can be produced from other non-wood resources such as hemp, straw, bamboo, flax, and cotton (to name a few).

Our products are made with 90% paper pulp, and are non-toxic. Very similar to the products that are in baby diapers, our products are super absorbent. So if your dog happens to chew on our products, you can be assured that they will not fall ill to the product. However, with any absorbency product, it is best to watch your dogs as best you can when using such products. While our products are non-toxic, they do absorb wetness. Should your dog eat any type of absorbency product, it is recommended that you contact your veterinarian to be sure that the amount that your dog consumed is not enough to block their internal tract.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions regarding our products. It is our pleasure to provide quality products to you and your pets! We hope that this has been helpful information, and that you have a wonderful day!

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