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Rover Likes Ice Cream Too! Celebrating National Ice Cream Day The Dog-Friendly Way!

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We’ve all heard the expression: “You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!” July 15th is National Ice Cream day, and with this heat we have all been enduring, ice cream sounds great! But what about your pups? Shouldn’t they get to join in and enjoy this delicious treat as too? Well, unfortunately ice cream may not sit as well on your dog’s tummy as you may have thought. While some dogs will have no issues digesting milk and dairy products, others may experience acute intestinal distress such as gas, diarrhea, or vomiting (which is no fun for you or your fur-babies). Depending on how your dog handles the nutrient known as lactose, will depend on their reaction to eating ice cream. So, does that mean that your dogs are out of luck when it comes to National Ice Cream day? Not at all! We have done some searching and found these companies that offer dog-friendly ice cream options (such as frozen yogurt) for your pups!

· Skinny Dip and Sweet Frog – Both Skinny Dip and Sweet Frog are a frozen yogurt bar that allows customers to mix and match various flavors of frozen yogurt. They also have a toppings bar that allows you to make your treat as specific as you would like! While dogs are not allowed in the building while you make your delicious treat, Skinny Dip and Sweet Frog do have their Doggie Dips in a freezer for you to purchase for your pups! They contain a serving of their dairy free vanilla frozen yogurt, and even have a garnish of some dog treats on top of it! How cute! Plus, they have outdoor seating that your dogs can sit at with you while everyone enjoys their treats!

· Dairy Queen – Home of the infamous Blizzard, Dairy Queen also offers a “Pup Cup” to your dogs to enjoy. The Pup Cup is a serving of their vanilla soft serve ice cream (and some Dairy Queens even put a dog treat on top). Be advised though, this is not a “dairy-free” option!

· Bruster’s Real Ice Cream – Bruster’s has some delicious ice cream that you and your pets will love! They make a free sundae with dog bones crumbled on top for their furry customers with your ice cream purchase! (May not be a dairy free option)

· Starbucks – Ok, so we realize that Starbucks doesn’t have ice cream for your pets, but If you’re at a Starbucks drive-thru, and you have the best co-pilot pup in tow, add a Puppuccino to your order! Don’t worry, it’s not coffee for your pup (which is one of those things they should never consume!). It’s a little whipped cream in a small cup that’ll serve as a tasty treat–as long as your dog isn’t lactose intolerant.

· Dunkin’ Donuts – Speaking of pup lattes, according to IHeartDogs.com, If you’re on a java run and your pup’s along for the ride, certain Dunkin’ Donuts drive-through’s keep dog treats handy. And according to some social media posts, some locations may even offer puppy lattes (whipped cream in a cup)! So, not ice-cream, but if you are out getting yourself a treat and your dogs can get one too- why not? Just be careful not to give them too much, as too much sugar is not good for them.

If you are unable to find a place that has these types of cool treats for your pups, or you don’t want to risk taking them out in this unbearable heat (which we Highly recommend that they stay inside in the air conditioning during these hot summer months as much as possible), head over to our Pinterest page! We have created a board Summer Days that is loaded with fun tips and ideas on homemade frozen treats you can make for your pup that will not only provide them with a yummy treat but can also be a great chew toy (until it melts)!

We hope that everyone has a safe and wonderful summer! Remember to keep your pets indoors as much as possible to avoid any heat strokes from occurring and give them plenty of water. While creating this blog post, I contacted these stores listed above and most of them carry these dog treats while supplies last. However, this may not be available at all locations! So, check with them the next time you are out, and see if you can bring a little surprise home to your fur-babies! Know of another place that provides frozen treats for dogs that is not on our list? Leave a comment to let us know!

Stay cool out there!

Lynda Maschue Digital Media & Marketing Manager U-Play USA LLC www.All-Absorb.com


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